Buying a Home.

No matter your budget or where you want to live, we’ll help you find the right home at the right price.

When I bought my first home, I thought I could do it alone. I quickly realised that the real estate agent I had selected to work with had loads of knowledge he was willing to pass along to me while working with him. Gaining appreciation for the insight that this person brought to me allowed me to make an informed and positive purchasing decision I was satisfied with.


Having a real estate professional alongside with you lets you make sure that all your options are covered, and that you've thought of all the options in the first place.


You can gain all the information that I have to pass along, and it doesn't cost you anything. Working with a real estate agent generally costs the purchaser nothing out of pocket since the real estate agent is paid by the seller of the home you buy. What have you got to lose then?


Your First Step

Step one is figuring out why you want to purchase. Tired of paying rent? moving out on your own? moving up? downsizing? All these will factor into your decision making. Next is neighbourhood. We can change almost anything about a house you love, but we just can't move it... at least not easily.


Setting up a short meeting with you real estate professional is key to ensuring that you understand what is required of you, and so that your agent understands what is expected of them. I always try to have a short, efficient meeting with potential clients so that we can review their goals and ensure that they are in line with the realities of the marketplace.


If you are considering a real estate investment, go with an agent that is an investor themselves. It's always easier to have good ideas with someone else's money - find out what your agent has invested in and why they are or aren't investing in the same idea you are. I am an investor, and I can show you different methods of investing you may not be aware of in real estate.


Your Next Step: Money Talks

Once you have met with your real estate professional, you can select a lender. Perhaps you already bank somewhere, or are open to alternate lenders with low rates and flexible terms. I have a network of association with many lenders, and most lending institutions, and I can recommend a mortgage specialist that I have had positive lending experiences with that can very likely exceed your expectations.


Getting the Ball Rolling - Listings for Sale

Once your mortgage prequalification process is successful and completed, we can setup the listings search. Why scour the internet looking for homes or condos that meet your needs - we have search tools that are more advanced and can save you time and effort. Haven't you ever called a listing on a home and been told "already sold, sorry"? That's because the online and print advertising and websites are often days behind the actual pulse of the real estate market. We have access to tools that are up to the second, and can ensure that all the potential listings that meet your search criteria are automatically sent to you.


Once you find the five or six listings that interest you for that week, we can show you and compare all the properties with you. It doesn't matter if the listing is with Remax, Royal LePage, Century 21, Sutton... you get the picture. Even homes that are listed privately can be accessed.


Remember, a real estate agent generally gets paid by the seller of the home you buy, so let them do the work and ensure you're covered.


Not Just an Agent

We're here to make sure you make a good purchase. We're here to make sure you get good value. We're here to ensure that the home you purchase be a strong investment. Learn from our experiences, and make your purchase a solid one.


Call or email us today for a complimentary Purchaser Consultation, no strings attached, but at least you can get the information you need in order to get things started on the right foot.